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3 Ways HVAC Maintenance Can Add Value To Your Home

3 Ways HVAC Maintenance Can Add Value To Your Home

Ready to sell your home? Looking for ways to add value to the home you already love? Whatever your home-value goal is, HVAC maintenance can help! 

In Northern Virginia, it’s common for people to move around quite a bit, never settling into one area for too long. If that’s the case for you, then you’re probably looking for ways to increase your home’s value before it goes on the market! We’ve got 3 reasons why HVAC maintenance will help improve your home’s value and make things a little easier on you!

1. It Will Help You Sell Faster

When selling your home, you need as many incentives as possible to tempt the buyer. Most people invest in some new carpeting, a fresh coat of paint and straightening up an otherwise disorderly room. One of the ways you can add to the cause is by having your HVAC maintained. When a buyer asks questions, it’s nice to hear that: “Everything has been updated or maintained, including the HVAC system!”. If that doesn’t impress a buyer, then they’re probably looking for something different and you’ll do better to bypass them anyway!

2. It Will Bring In More Profit When You Sell

One of a buyer’s biggest concerns when shopping for new a home is what they will need to repair and replace after they move in. After going through the long process of house hunting, buyers are sick of seeing “project” or “fixer-upper” homes. They want something that’s livable now! If a buyer feels they have to worry about repairs, they’ll expect to spend less on the house in order to put aside money to update it, meaning you might get lowball offers. If you’ve already done the HVAC maintenance for them, they’ll be more inclined to buy at a higher price with confidence that nothing will break down unexpectedly.

3. Helps To Reduce Your Home’s Utility Bills While You Wait To Sell

No matter how much you’ve upgraded your home for the benefit of potential buyers, there’s always a chance that it might not sell immediately. With this in mind, having your HVAC regularly maintained will assure that it stays in efficient working condition which will, in turn, keep your utility bills lower. The less you spend on utilities while you wait, the more you can save up for the next home you purchase.

For these three reasons alone, getting your HVAC maintained is worth the investment! Selling your home is stressful, so check one worry off the checklist and get your HVAC system maintained by the experts at F.H. Furr today!

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