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Fight Covid This Season With A Humidifier!

We’re coming up on flu season, and the world is still reeling from the effects of Covid-19! We’re all doing our best to avoid serious viruses, and humidity can help!

While most people would identify cold weather as the cause of winter illnesses like the flu and pneumonia, it’s actually the dryness of the air that spreads it so ferociously. Less water in the air allows viruses like Covid-19 and the flu to survive longer. If your home’s air is too dry, there is a greater chance of catching something and having it stick to your airways…all because of a lack of humidity. A simple fix is a Whole-Home Humidifier when fighting against Covid and the flu this season!

As Coronavirus cases continue to rise, local news has recently begun discussing the importance of having humidifiers in each room of your home, discovering that humidity in the air can help to ward off Covid germs. A Whole-Home Humidifier is the best option for optimum humidity, health, and efficiency!

Humidity Aiding In The Fight Against Covid And The Flu

While we all complain about humidity during the summer, especially in Virginia, humidity in the winter is essential for reducing the transmission of viruses and minimizing pollutant survival rates in your home. Here are a few tips to create the right humidity levels in your household for the best health and comfort.

  1. Keep the humidity level between 40% and 60%.
  2. Keep an eye out for warnings that your humidity is too low. Signs include cracks in the floorboards, cabinets, or instruments, creaky furniture, static shock, chipped paint, withering plants, and dry skin or sinuses.
  3. Have a certified HVAC technician install a Whole-Home Humidifier in your house to ensure that the humidity levels stay up during the winter. We install systems that give you more control over humidity, so you don’t need to constantly monitor levels.

Benefits Of A Whole-Home Humidifier:

  1. Significantly reduces the amount of airborne dust and dirt, thus reducing the symptoms of allergy sufferers.
  2. Eliminates viruses that thrive in dry home environments.
  3. Lowers or eliminates static electricity.
  4. Reduces snoring.
  5. Helps keep your house plants healthy.
  6. Saves money on energy bills.
  7. Helps prevent wooden flooring, cabinets, etc., from warping and cracking.
  8. Increases home value.
  9. Prevents skin from drying and lips from chapping.

Unlike portable humidifiers that you might use in one small room, Whole Home Humidifiers are designed to distribute moisture throughout the entire home. 3 types of humidifiers are used for this: Bypass (Good), Power (Better), and Steam (Best). Your HVAC technician can prescribe the best option for your home and wallet!

We can’t control what’s going on outside, but we can certainly do something about your home’s indoor air quality! If you’re interested in learning about more ways to purify your home’s air, check out the EnviroAire IAQ UV Whole-Home Air Purification System, or the 5” Media Air Cleaner! Have one of our IAQ (Indoor Air Quality) specialists come out to your home to help you determine how you can breathe cleaner, safer air this season!

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