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How to Easily Find Air Leaks in Your House

If your HVAC system works around the clock to keep your house warm or cool, the energy bills are going to cost you a lot of money. To save energy, you need to make sure that your house is sealed from all corners so that no air escapes.

Generally, small leaks might not feel like a big concern, but collectively they make a huge difference, and sealing them can save you 10% to 30% in energy costs. Certain areas are obvious spots for a leak, but there are other leaks that you may still need to locate and fix. Here’s a guide to help you detect and seal all leaks around your home.

5 Ways to Test Your Home for Air Leaks

Test with Your Hands

The easiest way to detect leaks is to use your hands. Especially during winter months when the heating is turned on inside the house, you should be easily able to feel the cold air on your hands when placed in the leaky areas. Susceptible areas are typically the edges of doors, windows, air vents, and fans. Run your hand around the edges, and if you feel the air on your hand, you will find the leak.

Test with a Candle

Another simple technique is to use a candle. Turn off your HVAC system and all fans, then light a candle. Place the candle in front of potential leaky areas like doors, windows, baseboards, light fixtures, and electrical outlets. If the light starts flickering and wobbling, that means there is a leak.

Use a Leak Detector

A leak detector is a simple and handy device you can use to detect leaks. Point your air leak detector in a potentially leaky area; the device will inform you of a leak if the temperature in that area is different from the area surrounding it.

Use Incense

If it’s cold and windy outside, you can use the incense test. First, depressurize the house by turning off all sources of artificial wind like your HVAC system or any fans. Then light an incense stick and walk around the house concentrating on areas of potential leaks like doors, windows, and vents. If you see the smoke escaping from the house or being blown inwards, you have found a leak.

The Blower Test

The most efficient and accurate method to find leaks is a blower test. The blower test, however, can only be performed by professionals. The HVAC contractor will put a large fan in a doorway to artificially generate wind that can be felt all across the house. They will then walk around the vulnerable spots and identify any present leakage, no matter how minimal.

Call the Professionals

Your best bet is always to call professionals who employ various methods, along with the blower test, to detect and seal any leakage. The experts at F.H. Furr have years of experience and state-of-the-art technology to provide you with a hassle-free solution. Give us a call to help you find the air leaks in your home today!

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