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Avoid Holiday Plumbing Disasters!

Avoid Holiday Plumbing Disasters!

It’s nearly Thanksgiving Day, and that means Christmas is soon to follow! With the holidays fast approaching, the guest list growing, and your to-do’s piling up, the last thing you want to worry about is a PLUMBING DISASTER!  

Recently we had a customer send in her story as a warning to others: when flooding happens, it always happens during the time that’s least convenient! 

“With the holidays around the corner, we had many guests coming to stay with us. A week ago, while we were sleeping, the toilet in our guest bathroom overflowed. We awoke to the sound of water pouring throughout the house. The tank had overflowed through the night. It flooded the upstairs level, poured into the middle level, and finally into the basement. We’re talking about rain from the ceilings and lights! It was a nightmare.

The cause of the flooding? An extra link in the chain of the toilet flapper.

Over 20 thousand dollars worth of repairs later, the bottom line is we could have avoided it all simply by having our annual plumbing maintenance. A plumber would have noticed that our toilet had a chain issue that could potentially get caught. How crazy is that? All I can say is, I’ll faithfully be getting my maintenance each and every year from now on!” 

So how can YOU prevent disasters like this? 

It’s easy! Getting your annual plumbing maintenance inspection will allow you to feel safe, secure, and protected from flooding, mold, mildew, clogs, and other embarrassing issues that could arise while guests are in your home! 

Here’s a few tips you can try for the holidays:

1. Be aware of what you’re putting in your garbage disposer.

When holidays come around, it pays to be extra cautious about what goes down the pipes. Avoid things like turkey grease, starches, and stringy veggies.

2. Don’t overdo it with toilet paper.

Yes, it can be difficult to monitor your guest’s toilet paper usage, but buying a lower ply paper during the holidays will cut down on clogs–and, it’s a good rule of thumb to only flush toilet paper. 

3. Get our Signature Plumbing Inspection!

Our pluming inspections prevent issues that can cost you thousands! Plus, they’ll keep your equipment running smoother–longer! 

Your inspection will include:

  • Dye Testing of All Toilets
  • Check All Exposed Hot & Cold Water Supply Lines
  • Check All Sink Piping
  • Check All Fixture Drains
  • Check All Washing Machine Hoses
  • Check All Outside Faucets For Leaks
  • Check All Emergency Water Shut Offs for Proper Operation and Tag All Emergency Shut Offs
  • And much more!

Prevent avoidable repairs and services this holiday season, simply call on us for your safety and reliability maintenance! So this year, when the family goes around the table saying what they’re thankful for, you can shout, “I’m thankful for F.H. Furr maintenance!” we’re sure your guests will understand…or at least pretend to! Happy Thanksgiving to all! 


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