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"Did You Know" HVAC Maintenance Series: High Efficiency Switch!

Here we are in the middle of July, which means that summer is half over! With so much to do, and seemingly so little time, we hope you’re taking advantage of these beautiful summer days! Of course, we all know that those come with the price of some pretty serious heat and you’ve probably been pumping your A/C all summer so…we’ve got more tips for your HVAC savings!

Lately, we’ve been diving into the subject of the importance of HVAC Maintenance and how you can save money by keeping up with replacing filters, installing programmable thermostats and having your HVAC system inspected.

Hopefully you’ve taken advantage of our tips thus far, and if you have, you’ve probably got the itch to save more! Well, we’re here to scratch that itch for you!

Switching to a high efficiency heating or cooling system can cut your annual energy bill by $200? Make the high efficiency switch!

With a society that encourages us to “go green” and pushes the need for energy conservation, new options for HVAC have arisen. New options like higher efficiency systems! That’s right, in addition to high efficiency “everything” these days, your HVAC system can go green, too!

F.H. Furr believes in conserving energy and saving you money, that’s why we sell high efficiency equipment that works at the standard you need, while using less energy in your home. If your home is 8+ years, or your HVAC system needs an update, consider making the switch to high efficiency equipment.

The savings will add up, and you’ll be keeping the energy in your home, where it belongs! We use only the best equipment and our highly trained technicians know exactly what your home needs to function efficiently and effectively.

When you make the switch to high efficiency HVAC systems, you’ll can be sure that you’re:

  • Saving money on your bill each month
  • Getting the most high-tech equipment on the market
  • Conserving energy
  • Using that energy more efficiently
  • Getting the same great comfort with the added benefit of savings

Watch this educational video below to find out how switching the high efficiency systems can benefit your home!

Give us a call today to find out more about switching to high efficiency HVAC systems! We’ll give you advice and options on what is best for YOUR home! We do things right–the first time!

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