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Heating? Cooling? There's an App for That!

In today’s technological world, you can literally control everything through an app. You can set your home alarm through an app. Goods and services can be paid with apps. You can even lock, unlock and START some cars with an app! It’s crazy! But did you know that there are thermostats that allow you to control the temperature of your home online or with an app on your phone?!

Imagine being away on vacation and being able to set your thermostat on your way home from the airport? Have kids at home for a sick day? Turn your thermostat up to keep them cozy, warm and on the mend! Monitor your HVAC system from anywhere and at anytime via your smartphone! Many even learn your family’s habits and adjust to automatically regulate your home’s temperature lives based on your schedule!

Some of the wireless thermostats even offer the ability to control via your voice! You talk and it listens, even from across a room! The option to control by a remote while at home is even possible as many come with a wireless remote which can be used throughout your home to control the comfort of your home!

Programmable thermostats will watch your energy use so that they can save you money! There are features that many systems offer which will let you know when it’s time to change your air filters as well as alert you if there are any malfunctions or issues that it can pick up. You can even put many systems on hold while you’re going to be away on vacation or in the event that you’ll be away from home for any extended time!

These thermostats are programmable so that you can set the temperature of your home for a regular daily routine. For example, during the winter you can raise the temperature during the night when the temperature drops to the coldest of the day. Then once you wake up, you can lower it because of activity in the home. While you’re away at work and your home is empty, set it to a lower temperature to save your system from working so hard. Then set it to raise a bit prior to when your family arrives home for it to be cozy again!

The features of wifi thermostats are designed to make managing the comfort of your home. Convenience is what seems to be the focus in today’s day and age. We would love to help you make your HVAC system management more convenient. Let us know how we can help!

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