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Hard Water VS Soft Water

What exactly does it mean when people say, “Your water is hard”? This question makes you stop to think, is it safe to drink? Wash our clothes? Take a shower? The short answer is…yes.

The difference is hard water contains a regulated amount of dissolved minerals such as; calcium, lime, chalk, and magnesium. Whereas soft water has been treated and filtrated to the point where it only contains sodium. 

In some cases, hard water is the preferred drinking type because of the contained minerals, like magnesium and calcium, that are picked up when the rain falls and travels through the ground to your water supply. It also contains natural health benefits and tastes better. Hard water doesn’t seem so bad after all, right?

So, if hard water has health benefits, tastes better, AND contains minerals that our body needs, then why do people soften their water? Especially since the only mineral in soft water is sodium, it leaves a salty grimy feeling in our mouth. Yuck! 

What it comes down to is household chores. Soft water is much easier on our clothes, hair, and hands. Do you hate those spots on your dishes? Soft water will leave them looking fresh and spotless. Not to mention, it’s easier on our appliances and is more cost-efficient to use than hard water.

So here it is. When people say, “Your water is hard.” This is what they mean.

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