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Halloween Weather Watch! Snow In The Forecast? Be Prepared For Cold!

Perhaps you’ve heard rumors of snow in our forecast for the weekend of Halloween! There’s a good chance that you’re correct. Snow has been predicted for this upcoming Friday in several areas of Virginia, and cold weather could be coming in full force on the heels of record warmth earlier this week. According to weather reports, with the expected intensity of this upper-air disturbance and magnitude/depth of cold air plunging south, some of us could experience an accumulation of snow this weekend!

While it’s a bit too soon to tell if your area will be hit or not, it’s good to stay ahead of the curve and know when detrimental weather might be on the horizon.

If you live in an area that’s facing potential snowfall, don’t panic. Just be sure that you’re heating is up to the task of keeping you cozy and warm in your home. Winterizing your home is a task that F.H. Furr proudly offers. Winterizing makes your home more comfortable AND more energy-efficient, meaning you save money all winter by protecting your home from the cold.

With weather temperatures up in the eighties yesterday and snow called for on Friday, homeowners aren’t sure how to prepare! Well, maybe this weekend’s snow forecast is a way to prepare all of us for the fact that summer is over and cold days are inevitably ahead, despite having a few warm moments here and there. With that being said, it pays to have your HVAC system in top shape. When the cold hits, you’ll need it!

Take this as a little reminder that winter is coming! Check back with our blogs to find out more ways that you can prepare for the cold! At F.H. Furr, we promise that if your house is cold, we can fix it!

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