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What is Up-front or Flat Rate pricing?

Let me start off by saying…WE SELL A SERVICE NOT HOURS, you need the job done and done right, regardless, without having to worry about how long the job takes or whether you are being charged extra for necessary trips to the supply house, or that you shouldn’t ask questions because that will slow the tech down (We actually encourage it, a more knowledgeable informed customer is a better customer) and increase billable time and what you pay. We feel the customer has a right to know the price before the work is performed.

We have “Flat Rate Pricing” (Sometimes referred to as Up-front Pricing), which means the price you are quoted is the price you pay! You will know the total cost before any wrench is turned or any pipe is plumbed. Our customers love this because they can budget to a real number with no surprises.

Many plumbers and heating contractors still use the antiquated system of charging by the hour which at first may seem less expensive. The problem, of course, is you really don’t know what the final price will be, and then you get that big surprise at the end of the job. Also, some plumbing contractors are fast, and some are slow. Why should you be penalized for a slow plumber?

Phone quotes are most often inaccurate…and there is no such thing two houses being exactly the same.

All of F.H. Furr’s service technicians are continually trained and expected to do the very best work. Sometimes they want to take a little more time to ensure the job is done right (THE FIRST TIME). By using “Flat Rate” pricing, this is no longer a problem because the price doesn’t change regardless of time. You get better quality work with price certainty.

With being in service for over 30 years in the Northern Virginia area, this is just one of the benefits of making F.H. Furr your home comfort expert. If you’d like to hear more about “Flat Rate or Upfront Prices,” contact us today!

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