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Finding The Perfect Plumber?

The word PERFECT comes with a TON of weight (see what we did there?). Perfect is one of those words that has a different meaning to everyone! Perfect dress, perfect car, perfect shoes… Everyone has a different definition or example. Homes are no exception and neither are the service providers that come into them! What is a perfect example of a plumber, for example, could be completely different to one homeowner versus another.

Here are a few things to look for in finding YOUR version of a PERFECT plumber!

When Do You Need Them?


Did your garbage disposal just die? Do you have a flooding basement? The difference in whether or not your plumber is equipped for emergency service can easily determine whether or not they are perfect for you and the current plumbing situation you’re dealing with. Maybe it’s something that’s inconvenient but not an emergency. Or maybe the livelihood of your home is at stake and you need someone RIGHT AWAY!

Not all plumbers offer emergency or after hours service and this can determine whether or not you use them in addition to your rating of them and their service. We recommend finding a plumber that has that emergency on call service because you never know when something may happen. Plus, you want to have someone that is always available to come to your home so that you aren’t using a different company. Someone that gets to know your home will always be a better fit.

Getting An Estimate

This can easily be the most important step of choosing a plumber. But, it’s not only what the number is at the end of the estimate. It’s the process of getting the estimate, how it’s delivered and also how many “ifs” are included in it.

Some websites offer a free estimate form you can fill out where others have a form you enter your information in and someone calls to give you a quote over the phone. This area is one that F.H. Furr prides itself on. We don’t feel that we can give the best and most accurate quote without seeing the work you want done first.


That’s why we send our techs to your home to get a feel for exactly what you are looking for and the work that you want done. Our techs will come to your home and speak with you, check the area and the work you’d like to perform and give you a FLAT RATE price. We don’t price by the hour or day, we price a flat rate for each job we complete. There aren’t any “ifs”. It’s flat rate and we stand by it.

Finding The Right One

It used to be that when you needed a service done to your home, you’d open the phone book and start calling companies. You may have heard by word of mouth that one company was better than another or maybe you had one company that you worked with no matter what. While the days of the phone book are slowly slipping away, you can still open up and look for a plumber. These days it just seems that we open browser windows instead of books. Either way, you’re sure to find qualified options to call.

You’ll want to be sure that you find a company that prides themselves in their work. Look at their ads and websites and it will be apparent which companies care about their business and, in turn, their customers. One thing you want to be sure to look for is that the company is licensed! This is incredibly important, especially when dealing with homeowner’s insurance claims, in case there is an issue! You’ll also want to be sure they are bonded to be sure they back up what they claim. Great reviews and being registered with the Better Business Bureau are also two great things to look for. (Did you know that F.H. Furr is A+ rated by the Better Business Bureau?!)

If you’re looking for a plumber in the Northern Virginia area, F.H. Furr would be honored to be chosen by you. We treat each customer’s home as our own and pride ourselves on the work we do while there. As always, if you have questions – give us a call!


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