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Feel The Love™ 2021 Installation

Feel The Love™ 2021 Installation

We were thrilled to partner with Lennox again for the Feel The Love™ program, providing a heating and cooling system to a deserving person or family in need.

Our Feel The Love™ 2021 comfort system installation was a huge success! The day was full of smiles, teamwork, and of course, LOVE! 

Our finalist, Ms. Rollins, was nominated by one of our very own HVAC technicians, Charles Matthews. “Ms. Rollins is a teacher for a local elementary school…Ms. Rollins constantly puts her students first to provide a quality education for the children in her community,” said Charles. 

After reading Charles’s nomination form, we knew Ms. Rollins was a perfect candidate for the Feel The Love™ program. We took the necessary steps to narrow down our finalists and decided Ms. Rollins was our winner! We called her up to tell her the exciting news, and our team prepared for the special day.

Our HVAC installers and volunteers pulled up to Ms. Rollins’s home ready to start the installation. Not only did we install a brand new HVAC system at Ms. Rollins’s home, but we also swept the driveway and cleaned up her yard to show our utmost appreciation for her dedication to the community.

“Teachers are truly unsung heroes and deserve to be recognized, especially Ms. Rollins!” said Charles. 

Our HVAC installers finished up the installation and showed Ms. Rollins her brand-new comfort system. Ms. Rollins expressed her gratitude to our team, and we left confident knowing we made a difference that day. 

Thank you to our HVAC installation team and volunteers that made the day extra special for Ms. Rollins. We couldn’t have done it without you! 

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