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FALL = Hoodies, Bonfires & HVAC Checks?

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With Fall fast approaching, the weather is about to start cooling down. In addition to cooler temperatures, allergy season will be peaking very soon as well! It's important for homeowners to ensure their HVAC is in tip top shape, as we'll all start to spend more time indoors.

With an F.H. Furr HVAC Inspection, we'll make sure that your home's HVAC unit is ready for the changing seasons!

In addition to an inspection, we also encourage that homeowners consider the following:

Pet hair and dander maximize the amount of dust and dirt that circulate through your HVAC system, and if your filters aren't changed or clean often, you'll find it restricting air flow.

Seasonal Allergies?
Do any of the occupants of the home suffer from asthma or allergies? A proper cleaning of the air handling unit can improve indoor air quality and efficiency of the unit.


The same rules in regards to allergies and pet dander apply here but could be even more serious. The toxins in the smoke from cigarettes, cigars, pipes, etc. can contribute to issues with your HVAC system as well!

Safety First!

Once you've decided to have an inspection or cleaning of your HVAC system, make sure you do some background work when choosing a contractor. F.H. Furr performs background checks and drug testing on ALL employees! We're proud to say that we know you can trust the technicians we send into our customers' homes!