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Fall Electrical Safety Checklist

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As the cool fall weather drives many activities back indoors, it’s important to keep electrical safety in mind to protect your family from the hazards of electrical fires.

Due to the shift in weather, the items we use in our daily lives are changing. For example, instead of turning on a fan, you may reach for a heated blanket instead! To stay safe this fall, check out these 3 electrical safety tips to ensure your home is ready for the fall season. 

1.Be Cautious When Using An Electric Blanket

When not used correctly, an electric blanket is a major fire hazard. When you pull out your electric heated blanket, make sure you're using it safely, and you're not putting anything on top while it's plugged in. It's also important to turn the blanket off when it's not in use and before going to sleep.

2. Sweep Away Leaves

Leaves are EVERYWHERE during the fall season. They may seem harmless, but they can be hazardous around electrical objects. Make sure to sweep them away from your outdoor outlets, lighting, and power cords because dry leaves can quickly catch fire if a spark lands on them.

3. Check Your Smoke Detector

Lastly, check each smoke detector in your home. Since the weather is cooling down, you’re probably using more electrical devices to heat your house and keep you warm. It's important to make sure your smoke detectors are operating correctly, so you know for sure you'll be alerted if a fire occurs in your home. If you notice they aren’t working properly, call on our expert electricians to come check it out.

Electrical safety is always important, but it's a good idea to be extra cautious when the weather is changing. If you need help preparing your home for the cooler weather, call our professional electricians! 

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