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5 Essential Tips to Find An Honest Plumber

Most people put a lot of work into finding a new dentist or hair stylist. They’ll ask friends, neighbors and coworkers, or even the checkout girl at the grocery store. They’ll obsessively read online reviews and maybe even do an office visit. But how much energy does anyone put into finding a plumber in Northern, Va. You already know the best way to find a reliable plumber is by word-of-mouth. But if you’re new to the area or prefer to scour the internet, heed these five crucial tips to ensure your plumber is a good, honest fit.

  • License and registration, please. The most basic rule of plumber shopping is to make sure your candidate of choice is licensed and carries enough insurance to protect your property in the event of disaster.
  • Turn the page(s). If you’re getting someone off the Internet, you’re probably already reading reviews to find your plumber. But be sure to keep reading – many companies list reviews from best to worst, knowing that most people only click on a page or two. Keeping in mind, most reviewers take time to write an angry review, not a satisfied one.
  • Make ‘em meet you. If a plumber gives you a quote over the phone, your antenna should automatically go up. No matter how basic your needs, insist on a home visit to determine pricing. You never know what hidden complications (and costs!) might be present. We firmly believe in this, which is why we offer “Plumber In Your Home For Free*” services.
  • Shop around. Fairfax plumbers are a dime a dozen. Even if one seems legitimate, always get a second opinion. You would do it for a doctor – why not for a plumber?
  • Hit the streets. If you’ve had other work done on your home, ask your contractor if he recommends anyone. Or check out hardware stores. Even at the big box stores, employees will know folks. Heed their advice.

For more information on finding plumbers in any other Northern Virginia area, click to contact us or call at 703-690-0449. Also remember, a plumbing inspection in your Arlington, Alexandria or Fairfax home can extend your comfort and could potentially stop a costly disaster. Don’t get taken advantage of by swindlers, your home comfort is important to us. Finding a reputable plumber should be simple…just give us a call!

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