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10 Tips to Conserve Energy On Your Heating

Winter is one of the harshest times of the year, not only because of the cold weather but because of the stress on your wallet! Everyone has their heat pumping over time, so wouldn’t it be great to find some way to stay warm without breaking the bank? Here are 10 easy tips to save energy and money on your heating this season with these energy saving tips.

1. Keep Vents Clear

Starting with what may seem obvious, keep the heating vents in your home clear. Vents that are blocked by furniture, rugs, or anything else lying over them will keep warm air from circulating throughout your home.

2. Turn Your Water Heater Down

By turning the temperature in your water heater down to 115-120, you can reduce the energy it takes to heat the water, and the temperature change is usually unnoticeable.

3. Utilize Your Curtains

During the day, leave the curtains or blinds open on windows facing the sun. This allows the rays from the sun to warm up the room using natural heat. Be sure to close them at night to keep cool air out.

4. Close Rooms That Aren’t In Use


If there are certain rooms in your home that you don’t frequent on a daily basis, it’s a good habit to close those doors, as well as the vents in the room. This will allow the warm air that would fill it to make its way out to the rooms that are more consistently used.

5. Keep the Fireplace Damper Closed

When your fireplace isn’t in use, be sure that the damper is closed. Leaving it open is like leaving a window in your home open for warm air to escape and cool air to enter, which isn’t very efficient.

6. Find Leaks and Stop Them

Your home has small gaps surrounding its windows and doors. Covering these gaps can save you up to 10% on your heating bill. To find the leaks, wait for a windy day and hold a lit incense stick to the drafty areas, like chimneys, recessed lighting, windows, and door frames. Any ducts, flues, and electrical outlets need to be checked as well. Buy door sweeps for your doors, and apply caulk or rope caulk to windows and door frames to protect them. You can apply weather stripping to moveable joints, and outlet gaskets can be installed in electrical outlets to keep drafts out!

7. Watch Out For Gaps In Your Ducts

Ductwork is what moves the heated air through your home, but if the ducts are poorly connected, you can lose up to 60% of the air before it even reaches the vents. It’s a good idea to have your ductwork checked by a professional if you suspect that they may have something to do with your expensive heating bill.

8. Winterize Your Windows

It’s a good idea to winterize your windows with plastic film. You can buy it at any hardware store for fairly cheap, and it will cover your windows and keep cold air out.

9. Programmable Thermostat

Programmable Thermostats are a great way to save energy and money every month with very little effort. You can personalize your thermostat so that it stays at the perfect temperature when you’re home and gets lower while you’re away, effectively saving you money.

10. Maintain Your Furnace

Last but definitely not least, the maintenance of your furnace is key! The furnace is what creates that warm air, so it needs to be kept in peak condition. Annual check-ups on your furnace should be performed by a professional to be sure that it is in safe working order.

At F.H. Furr, we know that it can be difficult to deal with the high costs of heating during the winter months; that’s why we’re here to help in any way we can. Whether it’s tips on a blog or maintaining your home’s furnace, you can count on us for all of your home’s heating needs.

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