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Electrical Vehicle Charging Station Rebate Program Throughout Maryland

40% off Product and Installation Costs to Maryland Residents & Properties

Did you know effective now, as of July 2017, the state of Maryland is offering incentives to install EV Charging station(s) at your property?

As more and more auto manufacturers are making electrically charged vehicles–Tesla, Nissan, Honda, Mercedes, Hyundai, BMW, Ford, Smart Electric Drive, Mitsubishi and more, there has never been a better time to have the convenience of an EV Charging Stations nearby. Right now over 7000 Marylanders drive electric cars. That number is increasing now more than ever.

While it is an investment, Maryland’s rebate program provides you a 40% rebate OFF the purchase and installation price of an EV Charging Station—capped at $700 for homeowners, and $4000 for commercial properties. You can apply for the rebate after the project is completed. These dollars are limited and will run out. You simply need to click click here for more information and print out the form to fill out to get the rebate.

F.H. Furr is here to help you navigate incentives, provide you with product options, provide electrical permits, and can install your charging stations to your particular needs. Give us a call at (703) 540-4838 or email us for an estimate.

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