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Electrical Safety Tips For The Holidays

At F.H. Furr we want your holidays to be merry, bright and SAFE! The National Fire Protection Association estimates 860 yearly home fires are caused by holiday decor, and another 210 fires caused by Christmas trees. Follow these important six tips to keep your home safe all season:

  1. Candles: Use battery operated candles instead of real ones…and if you do use real candles do not leave unattended with children or animals.
  2. Trees: Keep your tree well hydrated- if it gets dry after the holidays, discard right away. Make sure your tree is not touching an outlet, and if you are using an artificial tree, be sure it is labeled fire resistant.
  3. Lights: Do not string more than three strands of lights together—and be sure to use lights labeled for outdoor use outside, and those suitable for indoor use, indoors. When using outdoor lights, plug into a GFCI outlet. Elaborate decorations may require adding circuits—indoors or outdoors.
  4. Cords and Wires: Never place lights or extension cords underneath furniture or carpet where it could get hot, or pinched. Inspect each cord for damage,and if damaged be sure to discard.
  5. Bulbs: LED bulbs-consider LED lights when you buy new…they last longer, create less heat, and are more energy efficient.
  6. Turn It Off! Please, turn off all decorations, indoor and outdoor before going to bed.

Holidays can be the best time of the year… let’s keep it that way by always practicing smart electrical safety!

F.H. Furr can assist with any electrical project — safely and quickly. Explore these and other options for your property by calling F.H. Furr today.

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