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Electrical Color Wire Meanings

Have you ever tried to upgrade a standard outlet to a USB outlet? Once you take the cover off, you're inundated with a million multi-color wires? Well, we've put together an infographic to help you!

wire colors

Knowing Wire Colors Can Really Save Time

  1. Green wires typically are for grounding.
  2. Black wires are used for power.
  3. Red wires delivers a secondary live wire in a 200-volt circuit.
  4. White/gray wires are used as neutrals (but can still carry a charge.)
  5. Bare copper wires are used for grounding to metal.

In the past, we've ran into problems where customers have bought houses where the wiring work is not up to code, and has the wrong colored wire...if you feel you may have this issue, call us immediately .

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