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4 Stellar Tips For Heating Your Home Efficiently!

4 Stellar Tips For Heating Your Home Efficiently!

We can all agree that winter is nearly here. Fall leaves have turned to bare branches, and cool brisk days have been replaced by frosty mornings. Whether you’re a fan of the cold or not,  it’s likely that you want your home temperature to stay at a more reasonable level. Unfortunately, that often means turning up the heat! 

So how can you avoid a skyrocketing heating bill while still maintaining a temperature that’s comfortable? Although there are a lot of different ways to do that, we’ve got some simple tips that YOU can use to increase your home comfort without increasing your energy and financial expenditures! Without further ado, let’s begin!

Tip 1: Check your air filters every month!

Your air filters have a lot to do with how well your heat is pumping. Dirty filters mean your heating system has to work twice as hard to heat your home, which means your bill is going to follow suit! Depending on the age of your home and the heating system, you might need to change your filter more than you thought. It’s a good rule to keep an eye out for debris and dirt on your filter.

Tip 2: Install a Programmable Thermostat

Your thermostat controls the temperature in your home, but investing in a programmable thermostat allows you to be specific about those controls. Scheduling your thermostat to adjust the temperature for the times you’re not at home can make a significant difference on your heating bill.

Tip 3: Cover cracks and drafts

You might not realize it, but especially in an older home, leaks can happen simply because your windows and doors have aged, shrunken with the cold, or simply were made with small cracks. It’s a good idea to “winterize” your windows and doors by adding window insulation tape or even plastic wrap to trap the heat and keep out the cold. 

Tip 4: Use your drapes

In addition to their usual use as decor, drapes can actually be used to retain heat in your home. During sunny days, open them to let the warm sunlight in, and during the night, keep them closed to prevent the air from leaving through the windowpanes. You can even purchase drapes and blinds that are specifically designed for this purpose.

And there you have it! Let us help you keep your home comfortable for years to come! 

These simple steps can help you maintain a comfortably heated home while ensuring that your heating bill doesn’t soar! Having a heating maintenance inspection on your system can help too. Our skilled technicians know just what to look for when it comes to your heating. We’ll make sure your system is running smoothly! Take a look at our service plans and find out how they can help you with your heating bill throughout the year! 


Winter is here, and you can be prepared! Keep reading our blog for more tips, hints, and suggestions about how you can turn your house into the home you’ve always wanted.

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