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3 Tips To Eliminate Dust Buildup And Improve IAQ!

Dust is common in every home. There’s no way to escape it, it’s just a part of life. With Spring Cleaning right around the corner, you’ll be seeing your fair share of dust bunnies hidden beneath the beds! In this day and age, most of us don’t have time to dust every day, yet, have you noticed an unusual amount of dust in your home? Are layers of dust plaguing your furniture, appliances and floors, even after you’ve just dusted? This is a sign that there is a problem with your home’s indoor air quality that you might not be able to see. Here are three causes for uncommon amounts of dust in your home:

1. Dirty Furnace or Air Conditioner Filters

The filters in your home need to be changed once a month or according to the filter manufacturer’s instructions to maintain a good indoor air quality. Homeowners can often forget about changing their filters, or put it off, presuming that they can probably last longer than a month, but those filters keep your home clear of dust, so it’s good to keep up with them. It has been suggested that you temporarily seal the filter in place with metal back duct tape. Write the date on the tape with a marker so you can keep track of the last time you changed the filter.

2. Leaks in Your Home

Tiny leaks in the cracks and crevices of your home can allow air to seep in, bringing outside dust particles with it! It’s a good idea to invest in some home sealing solutions. It’s easy to seal spaces around windows and doors, but holes hidden in attics, basements, and crawl spaces can be more difficult to fix. For your windows and doors, consider sealing those yourself with caulk. For any spaces in the attic or basement, call in the professionals. Sealing up your home will not only improve the indoor air quality and help with your dust problem, but save you money every month on your electricity bill.

3. Clogged Ducts and Leaky Ducts

Duct leaks can be a large cause of unsightly dust in your home. Ducts can become clogged with dirt and debris, and when this happens, the dirt and dust leaks out from the cracks in your ducts and into your home. This could be one of the reasons your home is overly dusty, and there are two ways to prevent it. Firstly, be sure that your ducts are properly sealed so that there are no leaks that dust could be blown through. Secondly, have your ducts cleaned. Maintaining your ducts can transform the indoor air quality in your home and could mean the difference between clean, breathable air, and musty, dust-filled air.

If you think you’re a victim of an overly dusty home, you’ve probably got one of more of these issues causing excessive dust accumulation. Not only does a dusty home give off the impression that it’s dirty, but it’s also unhealthy! You expect the air you breathe to be clean and dust-free. If you’ve changed filters and patched up leaks the best you can, yet still find your home to be dusty, it’s time to call the experts at F.H. Furr. We’ll come into your home to conduct a Whole Home Energy and Duct Performance Audit, where we let you know what kind of services you’ll need to keep your home dust free and in top condition. By keeping up with the indoor air quality of your home and keeping dust out, you can conserve energy! Let F.H. Furr show you how! 

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