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Duct Sealant vs. Plumber’s Putty

Duct Sealant vs. Plumber’s Putty

Duct sealant and plumber’s putty are two different compounds often used to make repairs around the home. These products have different purposes and properties that suit them to some repairs over others. Both plumber’s putty and duct sealant are just two of many tools your Northern VA plumber has at his disposal when he visits your home for plumbing installation, maintenance, or repairs. Depending on the job at hand, he may use one or both of these products to complete the service you have requested.

Duct Sealant

Duct sealant is a soft compound often likened to dough. It is designed for ease of handling and installation, and was originally developed for HVAC purposes. Duct sealant is used to create a seal that blocks out moisture, dust, and air movement and can also block noise. This material is non-conductive, non-corrosive, and will never dry out, allowing it to be easily removed, reshaped, and reapplied when necessary. Although duct sealant is designed to repel moisture, it is primarily used to seal air leaks rather than plumbing leaks. Thus, it has somewhat limited plumbing applications and is more frequently used to repair air ducts and for other HVAC or electrical purposes. However, your plumber may make use of duct sealant when working with an appliance such as a washing machine, refrigerator, or dishwasher, as duct sealant may be used to protect areas with electrical connections or to ensure outlets and switches are safe from nearby sources of water.

Plumber’s Putty

Plumber’s putty is a clay-like substance that is ideal for creating watertight seals. This material is moldable and easy to work with, allowing for versatile application in many areas of the home. Plumber’s putty repels water easily to create a watertight seal but is not meant to seal off areas subject to significant water pressure. Thus, plumber’s putty is often used to create a connection between a sink or tub drain and the drain pipe that carries wastewater away from the source, as this puts the seal under little to no pressure from the water flow. Plumber’s putty can also be used to seal faucets during plumbing installation, but it is not appropriate for sealing threaded or non-threaded water delivery pipes, which experience water pressure as water flows through them. To apply plumber’s putty, your plumber will first clean the surface before the product is applied, and possibly warm the putty to improve its malleability so it can be molded tightly into place. Plumber’s putty requires no time to cure; however, it will dry in place over several hours.

Whether you’d like to make plumbing upgrades or need plumbing repairs, our plumbers in Northern VA have the tools and the knowledge needed to complete the job quickly and professionally. We will help you make the right choice when it comes to addressing common plumbing problems, as well as perform a professional installation of new pipes and fixtures so you can enjoy greater everyday convenience. You can find out more on our website, or by clicking through our other blog articles.

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