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Drain Care Tips to Prevent Clogs

Drain care doesn’t seem like the most fun household chore, but it’s extremely important. Taking good care of your drainage system and taking a few simple steps to prevent drain clogs from happening in the first place is much easier and less expensive than dealing with issues that require a professional plumber later on.

The effects of a clogged drain can range from a bad smell and slower draining speeds to complete blockages. It can even cause permanent damage that requires a complete replacement of that part of your home’s plumbing system.

Reduce the risk of serious drain clogs with these easy tips:

Tip #1: Keep up with regular drain maintenance.

Homeowners have a lot of tasks and responsibilities to keep up with to properly maintain their home, and drains can be easy to forget. However, regularly cleaning your drains helps maintain a well-functioning plumbing system and catch any issues before they become big problems down the road.

Cleaning drains just two times each year can go a long way toward keeping your home’s drainage system clear from hair, gunk, and other undesirable buildup. Use vinegar to clear the drain since it’s acidic enough to dissolve most of the problem-causing material inside a pipe. Pour two cups of white vinegar down the drain of your kitchen or bathroom sink, let it sit for 10 minutes, and then flush it through with plenty of hot water.

Tip #2: Be careful about what goes down the drain.

Just like how you should be careful with what you flush down the toilet to avoid overburdening the system, you need to ensure that a large amount of anything that poses a risk of damage is not permitted to go down the drain. For drains in the bathtub or shower, a mesh drain catcher can catch hair and other debris, allowing you to dispose of it in the garbage.

Similarly, nothing but water should go down the sink drain. If you have a garbage disposal, you can put most organic food waste down it, but you should always put grease, fat, and coffee grounds in the trash instead.

Lastly, basements or laundry rooms may have drains located on the floor. These drains aren’t for dust and debris, so don’t make a habit of sweeping things into them. You’ll also want to make sure they’re properly covered.

Let Delmarva’s Plumbing Specialists Take Care of Your Drains

If the drains in your home are clogged, not draining as quickly as they used to, or posing some other problem, the professional plumbers at F.H. Furr can help. Our team of skilled and experienced plumbing specialists can help you with all your plumbing needs and ensure your home’s plumbing system is operating with peak efficiency.

Based in Georgetown, Delaware, F.H. Furr is a local business that has been serving customers throughout the Delmarva area since its founding in 1936. For more than 80 years, we’ve been providing excellent HVAC and plumbing services and have built a reputation for quality work, reliable service, and fair prices. For unforeseen issues that happen at inconvenient times, we also offer 24/7 emergency plumbing services.

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