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How many of us are guilty of dumping down the drain? Hamburger grease, chicken stock, coffee grounds? All of these things are easy to just rinse down the drain as it's a quick disposal option. But the few extra steps to put them in the trashcan instead will be beneficial in the long run to the pipes in your home!


We've all been guilty of rinsing cooked meat in a strainer and washing the grease down the drain. Did you know that this can eventually pile up enough that it can coat the walls of your home's pipes or even cause a complete blockage?! Paints, polishes and even oils can do the same damage!

clean-drain-small.jpgSome tips for your sink? We've got them:

  • Soak up grease from meats and cooking with a paper towel or pour into a bowl and throw out once it isn't hot.
  • Rinse paintbrushes in a bucket.
  • Drain guards are quite helpful in keeping larger pieces of food or hair out of the drain!



When you're rinsing and scraping plates and washing them or putting them in the dishwasher, you might think the easiest thing to do is just run the disposal after. WRONG! Sure smaller bits of food are fine, but keep an eye out for things that might jam your disposal or clog sewer lines! 

07-garbage-disposal-300x300.jpgHere are a few tips about using your garbage disposal:

  • Don't wait until it's full to turn it on!
  • Don't wash ANY oils or fats used in cooking down the drain!
  • Avoid putting starchy or stringy waste into your garbage disposal. Nothing like potatoes, celery or skin from any meat!

clogged-toilet-hero.jpgNo matter what a package says, it's really not okay to flush anything other than toilet paper. "Flushable" cat litter can easily collect in your pipes and  cause clogs. Baby wipes don't actually break down enough and can accumulate either in your pipes or even as far as a sewer treatment plant. Paper towels and even tissues are the same and won't process break down enough to pass through all pipes either.


Should something happen where any of the pipes in your home are clogged, F.H. Furr would be happy to come and help! Just give us a call at 877-CALL-FURR or click below!

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