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Record Cool? Don't Let The Weather Leave You Unprepared!

Well, here we are, enjoying the first days of August, one of the hottest months of the summer. The question is, will it be a cool August? Normally, this isn’t a logical query, but this year after our record-breaking cool July, it’s very valid! Although those 70-something days in the midst of summer have been delightful, we have a warning for you; don’t get too comfortable! With some mild weather behind us, homeowners will be tempted to believe that the worst of the heat is over, opening their windows and neglecting that A/C that hasn’t been pumping too well. If you’re avoiding getting your A/C serviced because of the “cool weather we’ve been having”, think again because the heat will be back in full force!

Don’t be caught unprepared! Here are 5 stellar reasons to make sure your A/C system is ready to roll!

1. Assurance that it won’t break down on an unpredictably hot day!

And let’s be honest, the unpredictability will be the cold days; the hot ones are expected right about now. Getting your A/C serviced or maintained will help assure you that you won’t be stuck in the midst of a hot summer with no air conditioning!

2. Safety for the winter

Maintaining your A/C actually preps it for the winter as well. Since many HVAC systems pump both heating and cooling, when you maintain one, you’re really doing the other a favor! So despite the fear that you might get your A/C serviced right as the heat disappears….never fear, frigid cold will follow, and you’ll need your HVAC system pumping then, too!

3. Saves money!

When you service your A/C system, you end up saving money. I know…this is a hard concept to understand, but the money that’s spent on the small service is usually far less than you’re losing when your machine is broken. A lazy system has to work twice as hard to produce the results you want it to, which means you’re using it twice as often and spending far more than necessary!

4. Your system will last longer

Everyone knows that maintenance on just about any appliance, equipment, or object with a motor is going to make it last longer. Your A/C unit is no exception. Having it maintained or serviced will extend its life, saving you money and hassle because maintenance is far less expensive than replacement!

5. You’ll feel better!

Maybe the most important reason of all, your comfort improves leaps and bounds when your A/C starts running as it should. Whether you’re maintaining it or servicing it, it’s going to pump better than ever, and in turn, you’re going to FEEL that difference! The cool escape of your home should be a given!


DON’T BE STUCK IN THE HEAT OF SUMMER! Don’t be fooled by the strange weather, we’ve all been through our share of Indian Summers, and how quickly we forget them! Just when you think the fall is coming, you’ll experience a 90+ day…and when you do, F.H. Furr will be there to save your sanity! Give us a call for an inspection today and find out how you can beat the heat and stay protected!

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