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Does Your Home Need More Power, Consider An Electrical Panel Upgrade

Does Your Home Need More Power, Consider An Electrical Panel Upgrade

When you have too many devices sucking power from an insufficient source, you’re in danger of an overload on the electrical system. This could lead to other electrical problems and safety concerns. Using an outdated system is certainly not recommended for electrical safety. When you have an electrical panel upgrade, you’ll never need to worry about a lack of power to operate your home.

Electrical Panel Upgrade, or heavy up, is essentially an upgrade for your power panel. It enables more power to surge through the currents of your home, creating the ability to utilize the most electricity possible without the dangers of overloading your system.

Your electrical panel heavy-up can include a range of upgrades. Your technician will be able to assess your personal needs and see what option is the best fit for you. Often times you can simply expand the box with a sub-panel. If you’re in need of a more complex upgrade, contact us to make an appointment, where we can walk through things.

Depending on what type of upgrade you want determines how long it can take to install. Simple things like adding breakers to an existing panel are generally fairly quick, only taking an hour. A more detailed fix could take up some of the day, such as replacing the fuse box or circuit main. However, we will conduct these projects to fit your personal needs and schedule.

If you have any questions or concerns, contact F.H. Furr Plumbing, Heating,Air Conditioning, and Electrical.

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