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Do Your Condenser Coils Need Cleaned?

We know that cleaning your air conditioner might not be at the top of the fun list, but its something that needs attention or else its going to be on top of the expense list. 

Don’t you want your system running efficiently for years and years to come?

The coils are one of the most important pieces on the system. This along with the evaporator coil, removes the heat out of your home. This is a life saver on a 100 degree day! 

Let’s keep your utility bill low and increase the lifespan on your system with cleaning the coils once every month, if you can! This can be done in a few easy steps! 

• Start by just looking over your unit to make sure there isn’t any serious damage to the coils or any other parts. If there is, stop and call your local HVAC tech. 

• Grab a coil brush from your local hardware store and wipe it up and down, like you are painting. This will remove any unwanted debris like grass, leaves etc. 

• Also at the hardware store, grab a Fin Comb. This will straighten out any wires that have been bend or damaged due to hail, toys, outdoor furniture or anything else that could have bent a coil. 

• Now that the debris is out and coils are straight, get the hose and wet down the condenser. Next spray a generous amount of foaming coil cleaner onto the coils. The cleaner will start to foam. Leave it sit for ten minutes and spray it off with the hose. 

Hopefully you were able to get the coils cleaned and I know your system is thanking you for it. 

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to us! 

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