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F.H. Furr Tips and Advice

Do It Yourself, Call A Handyman, Or Hire An Electrician?

Often it’s tempting to roll up your sleeves and tackle an electrical project yourself.  Or would hiring a handyman suffice?  They may be the person for the job, or maybe the project calls for a pro.

Projects A Motivated DIY’er Or Handyman Could Possibly Handle

  • Replacing a light fixture or ceiling fan with similar item.
  • Replacing a switch or outlet, possibly dimmer switch.

Do It Yourself Tips

For both these projects you need a screwdriver, needle nose pliers, multimeter, and the replacement switches, outlets, lights or fans. ALWAYS turn power off at the electrical panel to the items/area you are working on.  If your circuit breakers aren’t labeled (this is always a good idea to do if you do hire an electrician), you can identify them by using a lamp as an indicator.  If the lamp is on at an outlet in the room, you still have power. If plugged in, turned on, and light doesn’t go on, the power is not on.  Or, to be safe, turn the main circuit breaker off in the electrical panel.

Projects Best Left To The Pros

  • Replacing any ungrounded outlet (two or three pronged outlet) with a grounded outlet (GFI or GFCI outlet).
  • Any type of rewiring or new installations as these projects most likely need to be done in compliance with the National Electrical Code to ensure it is done properly to avoid any potential risk, or your property not passing an electrical and/or home inspection upon selling.

What Does It Mean To Be Done To “Code”?

The National Electrical Code (NEC), sponsored by the National Fire Protection Association, protects the public by establishing requirements for electrical wiring and equipment in virtually all buildings.

Electrical contractors and workers use the NEC for estimating, designing and installing electrical systems. Excellence in electrical contracting, services and safe installations are the results of staying current with the NEC requirements, and are reviewed and revised if necessary at least every three years.

F.H. Furr is licensed, bonded and insured, ensuring you that your electrical project will be completed by an experienced professional. Our electricians perform repairs for homeowners, businesses and property managers in the Baltimore and the surrounding counties. F.H. Furr’s not only know the Code, they also follow it ensuring the highest quality level of service.

For F.H. Furr’s expert electricians, call us at 703-690-0449 or schedule an appointment online.

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