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5 Ways Your Home Could Be Destroying Your Health!

5 Ways Your Home Could Be Destroying Your Health!

It’s common knowledge to most that cold weather brings on colds. Why does this happen? Hint: It’s not just because you didn’t wear a coat when you picked up the mail yesterday morning! 

Research teams have found that rhinovirus, the obnoxious toxin that causes your common cold, thrives in cold weather because it lives in lower-than-average body temperatures. Basically, cold weather impairs your immune system. If your home’s heating system is on the blink, you might as well just lay out the welcome mat for your annual cold — it’s coming home!

The temperature in your home can affect your body in ways you might not have even considered. For homeowners in Northern Virginia, DC, and Maryland, these issues, caused by an unusually cold home, may come as a shock.

Studies show that when your home’s heating system isn’t functioning properly and your body temperature is lower than usual, the cold can bring on symptoms like: 

1. Migraines

With the temperature change and no escape indoors, the barometric pressure (the result of drastic temperature shifts) can become so intense that it leads to severe sinus issues and migraines, especially for those of you who already suffer from persistent migraines.

2. Cardiovascular Issues

The cold air makes your body work overtime to regulate its temperature—especially your lungs and heart. This can cause your blood pressure to rise and your blood vessels to constrict so they can get back into your heart. This process can trigger ventricular fibrillation, which means you could have a serious health issue.

3. Lung Spasms

As many of us know, cold weather can be even worse for allergy and asthma sufferers because of its effect on the lungs. The exchange of cold air when you inhale and warm air going out with each exhale puts your lungs in a constant state of confusion. When your airways are chilled, they respond by swelling and spasming, making it difficult to breathe.

4. Feelings of Depression

You’ve probably heard of seasonal depression and how the short days and lack of sun makes your brain respond in sadness, but what you didn’t know is how your brain reacts to the cold weather. Just like your body when it’s subjected to cold temperatures,  your brain is sensitive to low temperatures and responds with feelings of misery. This can not only lead to feelings of gloominess, but impaired judgment, slurred speech, and even a decreased level of consciousness. 

5. Sleeplessness

Although those short days make you feel sleepy all the time, the cold itself doesn’t have that effect. Ever been driving while tired and rolled down your window to wake yourself up with a blast of cold air? Well, when you’re sleeping in a home where the air is too cold, it can decrease melatonin production, which disrupts your sleep cycle, leaving you feeling that never-fully-rested feeling.

If any of these symptoms sound familiar, it’s time to fix your heating system!

Have a technician come out to your home and get cracking on whatever is causing your heat to stop working as it should. You can also avoid these issues by having your heating system maintained throughout the year, and believe us, it’s worth it to avoid the health issues that come when your home is like Antarctica! Get warm again, stay healthy, and be comfortable with our help! 

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