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Celebrating McLean!

On September 1st, our Cares team had the pleasure of attending a great event at McLean High School! Dr. Ellen Reilly, principal of McLean High School, put together a festival event at the school where the school’s clubs, sports and community members could all come together to celebrate the start of the new school year!

The event was held at newly named “The F.H. Furr Sportsplex” and the track was filled! Parents were there to pick up their booster passes and Highlander gear. Students were there to check out the clubs and things that would be offered for the upcoming school year! The grills were fired up at the concession stand and Mr. Furr was there to wave to everyone as they came in!


As the school’s Diamond Sponsor, we were invited to come and hand out our swag – including frisbees, water bottles, pens and a bunch more! We look forward to working with McLean High School for many years to come!

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