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BGE Smart Energy Savers Program Offering Rewards For Appliance Recycling

Are old appliances just taking up space in your basement or garage? Right now BGE Smart Energy Savers is offering rewards for recycling. $50 for a freezer or refrigerator, and $25 for an old air conditioner or dehumidifier. Call 866.898.1901 for BGE to schedule a pick up.

And if you are considering upgrading to energy star certified energy efficient appliances, there has never been a better time. Instant rebates include:

  • $50 for dryers

  • $75-$100 for washing machines

  • $500 for a hybrid heat pump

  • $100-$150 for refrigerators

So not only do you save on the purchase, but you will save 10-50% every month on your electric bills.

If you need a designated switch installed for these new appliances, don’t hesitate to call F.H. Furr. We can help. (703) 690-0449.

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