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Is An HVAC Inspection Critical Ever New Year?

Question submitted by: Cece Herndon. Gaithersburg, Maryland

“Why is a heating inspection important at the start of the year?”

You hear it constantly toward the end of the year, “It’s time to get your heating inspected before the new year begins!”, but Cece is asking us WHY this is? Why is this golden rule constantly displayed for all homeowners to see until you begin to feel like you might be doing something wrong by NOT getting an inspection? It’s really great question, and one that we’re excited to answer!

As a service company that provides HVAC services to our customers, of course, we find it important because we want the best and most efficient HVAC comfort for our customers. But why should a heating inspection matter to you? Here are 4 key points we hope you’ll consider:

1. Fresh Start: The new year is license to ring in all things new and start out with a clean slate! This includes your old, worn out heating system. But since you probably don’t have plans to replace it just yet, it needs to be maintained to stay in shape.

2. Maintenance Keeps It Working: Maintaining that heating system keeps it working harder, longer! So when you have your inspection completed at the start of the year, chances are, it won’t be breaking down any time soon!

3. It’ll Work Better: Not only will it work longer than it might have had you avoided the inspection, but it will also work better! Just like you take your car to be tuned up, you need to treat your HVAC system in the same fashion. A well oiled machine will run smoother and more efficiently!

4. You’ll SAVE Money: And speaking of efficiency, you’ll actually be saving money and energy when you get your tune-up. A system that’s accumulated dust, dirt and grime runs slower, taking more energy to pump heat at the desired level….which, in turn, causes your bill to jump!

So when you consider having your furnace inspected, keep in mind that you’ll save money in the long run and be able to enjoy the comfort of a heating system that WORKS! Give us a call to schedule your HVAC Maintenance today! Cece, we’re sure you won’t regret it!

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