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All About Zoning Systems

All About Zoning Systems

Zone heating and cooling is about controlling the temperatures of the various rooms within your home. Heat rises, so rooms on the second or third floors are often too warm. In turn, basement rooms are typically too cold. Rooms with vaulted ceilings have a difficult time retaining heat, while rooms that receive long hours of sunlight are often difficult to cool down.

With residential zoning, you can now even out the temperatures in different rooms or sections of your home. Many homes have a greater need for residential zoning if they have:

  • Multiple levels
  • Large open areas
  • Sprawling layout
  • Finished basement/attic

Most homes need a minimum of two zones:

  • Living areas
  • Sleeping areas

A residential zoning system makes use of motorized dampers that are controlled by room thermostats and can selectively control the temperature for each zone/room of the home. You can compare this to each room in a house having its own separate light switch rather than one master switch. A zoning system allows you to have that same control over the temperature for each room or section of the house. And, as a bonus, besides increasing comfort levels in your home, a zoning system can also substantially reduce your utility bills. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, system zoning can save homeowners up to 30% on a typical heating and cooling bill. The Department of Energy also estimates that heating and cooling account for 40% of the average household’s utility costs. Since guest rooms and other seldom-used rooms don’t require constant heating or cooling, zoning systems allow you to save money by running temperature-controlled air to those rooms only when it is necessary.

Contact us today to schedule a Comfort Consultant to provide you with more information about zoned heating and air conditioning systems. We will help you find an option that fits your home, your budget, and your heating and cooling needs.

If you have any questions or concerns, contact F.H. Furr Plumbing,Heating,Air Conditioning and Electrical. 

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