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Did You Know?: HVAC Maintenance Series: A/C Unit Longevity

Well folks, summer has officially begun! That means Bar-B-Q’s, weekends spent poolside and beach vacations! It also means the start of your cooling working overtime. Your might not notice it, but your HVAC systems are running consistently, heat in the winter, cooling in the summer. Even if you’re one of those who have taken your HVAC for granted, you certainly notice when it breaks down! Why? Because your home is either stifling or frigid…neither is acceptable. How can you increase your A/C Unit Longevity?

Here at F.H. Furr, we’ve begun our Did You Know series to help homeowners discover why it’s so important to maintain they HVAC system, and tips for money and energy savings along the way!

“Did You Know”:

The average air conditioning unit lasts up to 15 years? Unfortunately, this number decreases by 5 to 7 years if it doesn’t receive annual maintenance!

Whether you bought your cooling system recently, or it’s standing on its final legs, it needs to be maintained! Want to improve your A/C unit longevity? Well when maintenance is neglected, the system simply can’t function at a normal level. Just like you’d take your car in for an oil change or inspection, your HVAC system needs the same TLC to run properly.

How many of us have gotten stuck on the side of the road, all thanks to ignoring that flashing light on our dashboard. The same could happen with your air conditioning unit…this blog is your flashing light!Screen Shot 2014-05-22 at 12.25.02 PM

When we inspect your A/C unit, you can expect services like:

  • Inspection of air filtration system
  • On site filter replacement
  • Checking electrical wiring for safety
  • Thermostat calibration
  • Outdoor unit cleaning and inspection
  • Check for overall system operation
  • And much more!

Right now, F.H. Furr is doing $36 home comfort inspections for you HVAC system for any new customers! And if your A/C breaks down this summer after we've inspected it...we'll come out to your home for free*! No dispatch fee or diagnostic charges. Maintenance can increase your HVAC system's longevity, while allowing it to work more efficiently, saving you money!

Give us a call for more information on how you can maintain and extend the life of your HVAC system today!