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You’ve Likely Heard Of UV Light, But Do You Know What It Is And How It Works To Fight Off Harmful Viruses?

Your Guideline To UV Light Basics is Here!

UV light is known for two things: its harmful rays that can cause skin issues and cancer, and its power to kill viruses, bacteria, mold, and other harmful microorganisms both airborne and on surfaces. On one hand, nature’s pure version of UV light can clearly be a danger (use sunscreen!) while on the other hand, when harnessed by science and technology, it has the power to disinfect, sterilize, purify, and improve health!

UV Light Breakdown

Ultraviolet light, most commonly referred to as UV light, is a form of radiation, invisible to the human eye. It’s a part of the “Electromagnetic Spectrum,” which is a range of frequencies, or wavelengths, over which electromagnetic radiation extends. The spectrum measures waves from gamma to radio. Ultraviolet waves hit right before visible light on the spectrum (see graph below for illustration) making it impossible for our eyes to register and see.

Electromagnetic Spectrum Graph


Although they might be invisible, we can certainly feel the effects of UV light rays, especially during the summer months when we’re all spending a lot more time in the sun. Even cloud cover won’t protect you from UV rays, which is why many people burn most on cloudy days, thinking they’re safe, when in reality, the rays can push past cloud precipitation. 

If not for the Earth’s atmosphere blocking out the most harmful levels of ultraviolet light, we’d all be in for some serious danger. Thankfully, the ozone does its part to protect us from the intensity of the radiation.

3 UV Categories

There are three categories of UV radiation, and they are classified by energy. UV-A is the lowest form, UV-B is the medium energy, and UV-C  takes the title as the most powerful of the UV light. UV-C light is the type used in EnviroAire IAQ air purifiers due to its high level of germ-killing power. Click below to learn more about different types of UV light in depth.


The Science Of Purification

Now that you know a little more about what UV light actually is, it’s time to delve into how it works to disinfect, sanitize, and purify air and surfaces! UV light is used in hospitals and other commercial buildings all over the world to deep clean the daily buildup of germs, viruses, bacteria and more. It can be used in homes as well as any other location with an HVAC system to purify indoor air. Here’s how it works: 

  1. UV light penetrates the cells of germs, bacteria, viruses, and other harmful contagions.
  2. It absorbs the DNA or RNA that contain the genetic code, effectively damaging that code.
  3. It exposes the microorganisms to germicidal wavelengths of UV light.
  4. Exposure renders them incapable of reproducing or infecting. 

UV light decontamination is essential for purifying the air in homes of those who suffer from illnesses where their immune system is compromised. Even respiratory issues like asthma can be positively affected by UV germicidal light. UV light is able to not only fight germs that cause the common cold and aggravate allergies, but also pathogenic organisms responsible for viral and bacterial diseases. 

How It Purifies The Air In Your Home

Using UV light to purify a home’s air can be done with a Whole Home UV-C Air Purification System installed into your home’s air ducts. The EnviroAire IAQ system, for example, uses germicidal UV-C light waves from a lamp installed in your HVAC system. It utilizes a technology similar to the catalytic converter on a car’s exhaust. The UV-C light reacts with titanium and carbon built into the system to effectively capture and eliminate harmful contaminants, leaving only clean water vapor and CO2 to be released back into the airstream. 

The EnviroAire’s particular UV-C light is 2x as powerful as an average HVAC filtration system and is designed to reduce up to 99% of the debris that would otherwise be floating through your home’s air and inhaled by you. 

Use UV Light Only In Safe, Trusted Form 

If you do a quick internet search for UV Light new research will pop up on the power UV and its disinfecting qualities, but that doesn’t mean you should drop a boatload on UV products that you see online. UV light should be used in a proper format to be safe and effective, additionally, you shouldn’t purchase anything that doesn’t come from a reputable company. Never attempt to install an air purifier into your own HVAC system, as this could cause unwanted damages. It’s always best to rely on a professional to install home comfort systems. If you’re ready to have purified, UV-cleaned air, call on us to get your purification system installed!


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