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Air Filtration Systems in Short Pump & Richmond, VA

No matter how perfect your home’s temperature may be, your comfort at home can suffer when you’re breathing poor-quality air. If you’re struggling with dust, pollen, mold, or spores in your Short Pump or Richmond home, F.H. Furr Plumbing, Heating, Air Conditioning & Electrical can help.

Our experienced indoor air quality (IAQ) specialists have the skills to match you with the ideal solutions to resolve your air quality issues. We provide top-notch IAQ products and parts, and our team is highly adept at installing and servicing all types of air quality products.

As a local HVAC company that has served Richmond homeowners for over 40 years, we’re the team to trust for honest services, high-quality equipment, and superior work.

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Why Are Air Filtration Systems Important?

A well-sealed home and a well-maintained duct system can provide plenty of comfort and keep your HVAC systems running efficiently. These factors alone, however, aren’t enough to maintain good indoor air quality in your home.

Because your HVAC system recirculates air within your home and the filters in your system can only do so much, pollutants like these can degrade your home’s air quality:

  • Dust and dust mites
  • Mold and mold spores
  • Bacteria and viruses
  • Volatile organic compounds (VOCs)
  • Pet dander
  • Pollen
  • And more

With these pollutants contributing to poor-quality air, you and your family can experience all types of discomfort, from allergy attacks and respiratory issues to more frequent illnesses.

This is where indoor air quality solutions, like a whole-home air purifier or air filtration system, come into play.

IAQ products are specifically designed to trap and remove — or destroy outright — the pollutants in your home’s air. Installing an air purifier for allergies or dust is an extremely effective way to:

  • Minimize allergy symptoms
  • Reduce air pollutants
  • Improve overall health and home comfort
  • Minimize odors in your home
  • Boost HVAC efficiency by removing clog-causing dust and dander

Air Filtration System Installation & Replacement

To get the most out of your air filtration equipment, it needs to be selected according to your specific needs, and the unit needs to be installed with precision and care.

The professional duct specialists and IAQ experts at F.H. Furr have installed air filtration and air purifier systems for years. We take the time to assess your home’s HVAC setup and listen to your needs before making a recommendation.

This allows us to make the best recommendations so you enjoy optimal benefits from your new system.

Air Filtration & Air Purifier Repairs

Generally, it’s uncommon for whole-home air filtration systems to break down or need repairs. But when they do experience a breakdown, you’ll need a trained expert to provide a proper repair.

Our team uses state-of-the-art diagnostic tools backed by training and extensive experience to assess your system, identify the problem, and provide the best repair. You can rely on us for air filtration system repair in and around Richmond, VA, whenever:

  • Your home is becoming noticeably dustier.
  • The vents in your home are emitting a musty odor.
  • You notice reduced airflow from your ducts.

Choose F.H. Furr

Whether you’re looking for indoor air quality services in Richmond or you need a specific type of IAQ system, you can always rely on the F.H. Furr team for customer-focused service and quality, affordable solutions.

Call 833-228-2481 today to learn more about the benefits of air cleaners in Richmond, VA.


The EPA says air cleaners are most effective at reducing airborne contaminants when they can target particles of up to 0.3 um. Air delivery rates (CADR) is another key measure that tells you how many cubic feet your filter can purify per minute.

High-efficiency particulate air filters are unique in this market. They can effectively filter viruses, but only if you choose the correct size for your space. Look for a HEPA unit that can handle a size range of 0.1–1 um. Air filters can’t achieve full efficiency unless replaced regularly, so always follow the manufacturer’s replacement directions.

The MERV acronym stands for minimum efficiency reporting value. It’s become the measurement of thumb for rating the quality of air filtration. The higher the MERV rating, the higher its capacity to trap particles. Even so, choosing the highest MERV rating you can afford isn’t a solution.

Higher MERV ratings coexist with reduced airflow, so you’ll need to select the correct MERV range for your purpose. A furnace filter, for example, should have a MERV of between 8 and 13. Most homes only require a rating of 6 to 13. This number will balance out efficiency and airflow so your system can process your square footage properly.

HEPA filters use carbon and fine glass threads that have a diameter of less than one micron. These glass threads are compressed and knotted together to form a dense, highly effective surface. HEPA systems can filter more than just carbon-based particles.

They make easy work of mold spores, certain viruses, and dust. They’ll even improve odors and remove a limited number of gasses. You should combine your HEPA filtration with other technologies and carbon pre-filters to remove volatile inorganic compounds and all viruses.

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