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Should I Get my Air Ducts Cleaned? 3 Reasons Why the Answer is an Absolute “Yes!”

Your HVAC system and air ducts deserve a little TLC from time to time. Homes in humid areas like our beloved Delmarva especially need to give their heating and cooling systems annual maintenance, starting first by cleaning out air ducts.

But just why is duct cleaning so important to your HVAC unit and entire home? Here are 3 reasons why it may be time to clean out those ducts.

  • Less Mold

    As of yet, dirty air ducts haven’t been proven to be extremely hazardous to a person’s health, but mold growth can be. Dust building up inside air vents combined with high levels of moisture is the ideal place for mold to start growing.

    If you live in a moist, humid area the chances of mold growth are even higher. What’s even more worrisome is when mold grows in areas where you may not be able to see it. If it gets into the insulation for your air ducts or home, that insulation will need to be replaced.

    Don’t wait until you have a mold problem to clean your air ducts! Call duct cleaning services and HVAC professionals to help clean and inspect your system for any signs of mold before it gets out of hand.

  • Lower Energy Bills

    When your HVAC system isn’t clean, it uses up more energy to run well. Dirty air ducts can affect this efficiency, but so can other parts of your system. For example, even a few millimeters of dust buildup on your system’s heating or cooling coils can decrease the entire system’s efficiency by 21%, according to the EPA.

    If your HVAC system isn’t running at its full capacity, it’s only costing you more. When you clean air vents, coils and more, though, your heater and air conditioner can begin running at their full capacities. In this way you save more by spending less on energy and utility bills.

  • Increase System’s Lifespan

    Dust buildup will not only make it more difficult for your HVAC system to run efficiently, it may completely destroy its functionality altogether. Heating and cooling repairs are expensive enough, but having to replace and install a new HVAC system will cost even more.

    By having your air vents cleaned, and other areas where dust is beginning to settle, it allows your system to work better now and last longer for years to come. Nearly 90% of heating, ventilating and air conditioning systems fail as a result of built-up dust and dirt. Why not help protect your system and increase its lifespan with an occasional cleaning?

The Case for Air Duct Cleaning

While getting your air duct cleaned can help reduce mold growth, decrease energy costs and lengthen your system’s longevity, this doesn’t mean that you should clean your vents every weekend. In fact, the EPA suggests not cleaning air ducts regularly, “but only as needed.”

Check your vents for signs of excessive dust, mold, rodents or pests before you hurry to call duct cleaning specialists. But make sure when you do notice these signs that you take action to remove them.

For HVAC duct cleaning and other heating and air conditioning services in Georgetown and Rehoboth Beach, DE, give F.H. Furr a call! Trusted by Delmarva residents since 1936, we are an air conditioning company dedicated to outstanding service at a fair price. Whatever you need, from air vent cleaning to a mini split air conditioning system installation to an ac unit repair, F.H. Furr is here to help. Schedule your appointment today!

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