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AC Repair: What to Expect from HVAC Professionals

If you’re having problems with your air conditioner, calling a professional HVAC service for repairs is the right move. Hiring an HVAC professional means you’ll receive fast, friendly service to restore your home cooling system to its full efficiency. Your Fairfax HVAC professional is equipped to handle air conditioning problems of any magnitude to help you restore home comfort, regardless of whether you have a central air conditioning system, heat pump, ductless mini-split system, or multi-zone HVAC system installed.


Upon arrival, your HVAC service expert will perform a full evaluation of your home’s HVAC system. He will inspect every component of your heating and cooling system, including your air conditioner, furnace, and any associated ducts, filters, or vents. This inspection will give your service technician a comprehensive picture of your home’s HVAC system and allow him to locate the problem causing your cooling failure. Once the inspection is complete, your service technician will explain the results and the cause of your cooling problem in detail.


After your HVAC professional has diagnosed the problem affecting your cooling system, he will explain your various repair options. In many cases, repairs simply entail adjustment, cleaning, or replacement of one or more parts of your air conditioning system to bring it back up to full function. Your service expert will go over the cost of the repairs with you on the spot so you’ll know exactly what to expect from your bill. Oftentimes, repairs can be made during the same visit to restore your home’s cooling system immediately; if more extensive repairs or additional parts are needed, your HVAC professional will set up a second appointment time when it is convenient for you. In addition to any repairs, your HVAC technician can often perform any needed maintenance tasks for your HVAC system at the same time, such as a filter change or system cleaning, to ensure your newly-repaired system provides the greatest efficiency possible the next time you set your thermostat.


In some cases, cooling problems are due to serious system failures or aging equipment. While these issues can be repaired, your HVAC technician may also suggest replacing your air conditioning system to prevent future breakdowns and improve overall cooling efficiency, which drops as an air conditioner ages. If you decide that replacement is the best option for you, your service technician will help you through the process of selecting a new air conditioning system that is sized properly for your home. When the unit is ready for installation, your HVAC professional can remove the old appliance and install the new one, even if you have opted for a completely new type of cooling system. Professional installation is the key to getting the most from your new HVAC system in terms of efficiency and longevity. Your HVAC professional will also go over any necessary maintenance tasks before he leaves, and can even set the date and time for your first service visit for added convenience.

Whether you need air conditioning repairs or replacement in Fairfax, your HVAC professional will always provide prompt, courteous, and problem-free service to restore home comfort as quickly as possible. You can reach us on the web for the answers to your heating and cooling questions or to schedule HVAC repairs; you can also find additional tips and information about what to expect form professional plumbing, heating, cooling, and electrical repairs in one of our informative blog articles.

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