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Before A Drip Becomes A Flood: Stop Water Damage In Its Tracks, With The Grohe Sense System!


The Grohe Sense System is designed to prevent expensive flooding damages in your home by alerting you of excessive humidity, micro-leaks, pipe breaks, and floodwaters!

Water damage is one of the biggest disasters that can occur in a household, and the worst part is that it’s very common! Flooding and leaks can cost you thousands and the damages can be anywhere from inconvenient to catastrophic! 

So how can you avoid this issue in YOUR home when nearly 40% of homeowners have suffered losses from water damage? While it’s suggested that plumbing maintenance is key for ensuring that your sump pump, fixtures, and pipes are in good condition, there’s another solution that you need in order to prevent water damages, it’s called the GROHE Sense System and it's designed to keep you informed of what's going on with your home's plumbing!


What IS The Grohe Sense System? 

The GROHE Sense is a two-part system that monitors humidity and temperature, detects water leaks and pipe bursts, and alerts you while shutting off water automatically if it senses a major flooding issue. It’s a system that allows you to have peace of mind that your home is being protected from water damage!

Part One: The Grohe Sense

The GROHE Sense is part one of the two-part system. It’s your dedicated water sensor that never sleeps! The sensor is designed to detect water in the home and alert you before it becomes a serious flood. It also detects frost risk to protect your pipes from freezing, sending you alerts if room temperatures fall below 37°F. In addition, the sensor will pick up humidity and dampness. If you’ve got an abundance, it could provide the ideal conditions for mold to grow. The GROHE Sense will alert you to those high humidity levels so that you can act before mold occurs. Additionally, if you don’t have enough moisture in the air, it can tell you about that as well so that you can remedy it. When it detects a problem, the Grohe Sense will set off a beeping alarm and light up red. 

The system can be placed conveniently wherever there's a potential for a water leak; places like bathrooms, kitchens, basements, etc. 

Part Two: The Grohe Guard

Part two of the system is the Sense Guard, the water controller. Its main job is to track water consumption, detect micro leaks and frost risks, and, in case of a pipe burst, shut off the water supply. Because it’s installed in the heart of your plumbing system, it can easily detect household leaks and if there are any serious gushes of water, it will immediately shut things down!

Your system will alert your phone when there's:

  • A micro-leak like a dripping faucet
  • A heavy leak
  • Flood water
  • Excessive humidity
  • Water left on
  • Pipe breaks/bursts
  • Frost risks

Its leak detection feature is a huge money saver, for example, a dripping tap that loses one drip per second can waste more than 2,900 gallons of water per year...that’s over 180 showers! The GROHE Guard can detect those small leaks around the house so that you can know about the issue in advance and get the leak repaired ASAP!

In addition to detecting pipe leaks, frozen pipes, and burst pipes while shutting down the water for emergencies, the Guard can also alert you of unusual water patterns and tracks your water consumption so that you can check the app and see where your water is being consumed and how often. 

The Perfect Team:

With the GROHE Sense System, you’ll never have to worry about leaks, bursts, and flooding again! That means you’ll have complete peace of mind and can rest easy, knowing that even if you’re fast asleep in your bed, if something happens in your house, your GROHE system will alert you to it!

Control Your Home's Water In The App!

The GROHE Sense System is very serious about alerting you of danger...so how does it do this? With the GROHE Smart App, of course! 

Simply download the GROHE app on your mobile smartphone or tablet and monitor your home from anywhere! Your app can tell you about potential risks, immediate issues, and can even give you reports on your water consumption, helping you save money throughout the year.

It’s a convenient way to maintain your home’s plumbing and you’ll gain the peace of mind that you’ll never come to a flooded house after a vacation — now that’s worth the investment! 

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