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Trenchless Water Line Replacement

fairfax trenchless water line replacement

Trenchless Water Line Replacement is a cost effective alternative to traditional water and sewer line replacements.

Trenchless Water Line Replacement is a pipe relining method that replaces your current sewer line without digging a trench. And because we only use one access point, your existing landscape and curbside appeal is only minimally disturbed, saving you money on reconstructing the existing elements.

Steps Of The Trenchless Water Line Replacement Process:

  1. Dig ONE access point
  2. Clean the existing pipe of debris and roots
  3. Run epoxy covered lining “Sleeve” in to the existing pipe
  4. Inflate a temporary bladder, that expands the lining against the walls of the existing pipe
  5. The epoxy then sets and “CURES IN PLACE” or hardens
  6. The bladder is then removed

Life expectancy of the trenchless water line replacement lining is about 50 years, and because of it’s jointless structure, it is more resistant to tree root intrusion.

Time Is Of The Essence

Trenchless Water Line Replacement is a safe and economical way to replace your existing water/sewer line. But it does have to be caught early on by our Rooterologists™, meaning we can’t reline it if it’s in complete collapse. If it’s in total collapse, we can’t run the “sleeve” lining and then we may have to look into other means of replacing your pipe, including the traditional way of sewer main drain replacement. 


If digging up your entire yard to replace your home’s main drain line doesn't sound appealing, then the trenchless water line replacement is your best choice. – F.H. Furr

*$83 Or It's Free Disclaimer
Residential drains only. Must be used in 1 visit, with a limit of 1 drain per household. Must be performed during standard business hours. Must have accessible, ground level clean out (up to 4”) to access the drain on the exterior of the home. Additional charges may apply if access to the drain is not readily available (i.e. removing and reinstalling a toilet or a drain assembly). 
Not valid for cash back and cannot be combined with any other offer. Cannot be applied to current or past jobs. Images may not reflect exact product/service. Offer expires 6 months from date of acquisition.