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Trenchless Lining Spot Repair Technology

National Harbor Trenchless Sewer Line Repair

Trenchless Lining Spot Repair Technology For Sewer Main Drains Is An Economical Way To  Repair Your Main Drain In Small Sections.

Trenchless Lining Spot Repair is the latest procedure in high performance dig-less main drain repair solution. Trenchless Lining Spot Repair solution can be installed for 2 to 4′ repairs in length, and virtually eliminates costly, time consuming and disruptive yard excavation.

How Trenchless Lining Spot Repair Works

Our professionally trained rooter experts do sewer video camera inspection to locate the damaged area. They then install the Trenchless Lining Spot Repair kit, by pushing a epoxy resined bladder in the sewer line. After insertion, they inflate the bladder in the damaged area, and hold for around 3-5 hours, so that the epoxy “Cures In Place”.

Once the epoxy has cured, the bladder is deflated and the Rooterologist™ will insert the sewer video camera for final inspection.


Why Use Trenchless Lining Spot Repair?

Trenchless Lining Spot Repair is a cost effective alternative to the traditional sewer pipe repair. How it’s economical is the afterwork, because there is virtually no excavation, there is no clean up. Meaning, you don’t have to replace landscape, or costly sidewalks and roads. Another benefit is the time it takes to complete, lack of excavation means it's nearly cut in half.

Time equals money, and that is where this technology excels. And most of the time the “Cure-In-Place” is even stronger and better than the original main drain.

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