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Drain Sewer Snake

sewer snake service fairfax va

When it comes to sewer snake services, there are a ton of options, but only F.H. Furr employs sewer snake specialists!

Some types of sewer snakes you can get from your local hardware store, and they work great for small clogs. But when that won’t cut it, it’s time to call our Rooterologists™!


Our industrial strength sewer snakes (Drain snakes, drain augers, drain rootering) have multiple heads. For instance for tree root intrusion, our Rooterologist™ may use a blade attachment to cut through the roots. Another example of sewer snake expertise may come in when that special stuffed animal or wedding ring is flushed. The Rooterologist™ will then attach a retrieval head to pull it out. Take advantage of our $83 Or It's Free drain unclogging service!*

Knowing what head and when to use it, is why we call our Rooterologist™ sewer snake specialists. – F.H. Furr

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Sewer snake service is one of the most used tools in our clogged drain techs arsenal. Our Rooterologists™ use an electric sewer snake that will quickly drill out the clog, and leave you with a properly functioning drain free of clogs.

fairfax va sewer snake service

Whether it’s hair or tree roots, most of the time a sewer snake service is all that is needed to clear your clog. Couple that with hydro-jetting, a sewer video inspection and a sewer maintenance plan, you can feel rest assured that your cleared drain will stay that way for years to come.

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*$83 Or It's Free Disclaimer
Residential drains only. Must be used in 1 visit, with a limit of 1 drain per household. Must be performed during standard business hours. Must have accessible, ground level clean out (up to 4”) to access the drain on the exterior of the home. Additional charges may apply if access to the drain is not readily available (i.e. removing and reinstalling a toilet or a drain assembly). 
Not valid for cash back and cannot be combined with any other offer. Cannot be applied to current or past jobs. Images may not reflect exact product/service. Offer expires 6 months from date of acquisition.