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Smoke Testing Sewer Lines

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Sewer Gases Coming From Somewhere, But Can't Pinpoint The Source? You Might Be In Need Of a Smoke Testing Sewer Lines Service!

Smoke testing sewer lines is typically used to find out where sewer or egg smelling gases are entering your home.

The smoke is non-toxic and non-hazardous and is manufactured specifically for this purpose.

To begin the smoke testing sewer lines service, the odorless, nontoxic smoke is inserted in to the plumbing system through a pre-determined access point. As the controlled smoke is pushed travels through the plumbing system, it will reveal the exact location where the gas is entering the home.

All smoking locations are documented via measurements and pictures/video to make it easier to find the sources once completed.

Smoke Testing Sewer Lines can also show structure deficiencies in the main drain lines. Again, entering through a pre-determined access point, the smoke is pushed through the main line, and wherever smoke is seen, you may potentially have a problem in that location.

If you see smoke, then you know it’s an issue, as your plumbing system should be a closed loop system, ie. if you see smoke seep out, then you can guarantee water can seep out, or tree roots can intrude causing clogging or perhaps even total collapse.

If your home has an odor that you can’t find, and it smells like the sewer or a rotten egg, chances are, you need our Smoke Testing Sewer Lines Service.

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