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Clogged Toilets

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F.H Furr specializes in all types of clogged toilets…none are too big or too small.

Our Rooterologists™ arrive in a fully stocked truck ready to tackle your clogged toilet issues. These technicians will go above and beyond the call of duty to make sure your toilet system is running like new again…and will leave the home clean and exactly like they found it.


To some homeowners, one of the most embarrassing things that could happen is a clogged toilet. Avoid all plumbing backups and get your residential drains cleared for $83!*

There are many reasons why a toilet can clog…it can range from the ceramic in the “throat” of the toilet all the way to tree root intrusion.

But clogged toilets aren’t the end of the world, and with proper knowledge, expertise and professionalism, most can be handled immediately.

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Symptoms Of A Clogged Toilet

Symptoms of a toilet clog are easy to spot (unfortunately or fortunately; depending on how you look at it)

  • Toilet overflows
  • Spontaneous refilling inside the toilet tank
  • Poor flushing or no flush at all
  • Gurgling or bubbling sound in your bowl
  • Leaks around your toilet from backup
Clogs happen…

Toilet clogs happen for many reasons, but one of the most common reasons is from trying to flush the wrong things.

Flushings dos:

  1. Human waste
  2. Single ply toilet paper

Flushing don’ts

  1. Hand Wipes / Baby Wipes
  2. Feminine Hygiene Products
  3. Paper Towels / Shop Towels

It’s all in the plunger

All plungers are not created equal. In fact there are at least four different types of plungers with four different applications:

  1. Flange Plunger: A flange plunger is typically used for toilets
  2. Cup Plunger: A cup plunger is used for sinks
  3. Accordion Plunger: This is used typically for the hardest of clogs in a toilet.
  4. Taze Plunger: A taze plunger is used for larger pipes and is not a common household item.

When plungers don’t work, it’s time to contact our Rooterologists™

To learn more about plungers, read our infographic below.

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*$83 Or It's Free Disclaimer
Residential drains only. Must be used in 1 visit, with a limit of 1 drain per household. Must be performed during standard business hours. Must have accessible, ground level clean out (up to 4”) to access the drain on the exterior of the home. Additional charges may apply if access to the drain is not readily available (i.e. removing and reinstalling a toilet or a drain assembly). 
Not valid for cash back and cannot be combined with any other offer. Cannot be applied to current or past jobs. Images may not reflect exact product/service. Offer expires 6 months from date of acquisition.