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humidifier installation loudoun va

Noticing cold-like symptoms that just won’t quit, static electricity and higher energy bills to boot? 

You might be a victim of low humidity levels

Humidity plays a huge role the comfort of your home and family. The recommended indoor relative humidity level is 45%, yet the average Northern American home can be four times below that recommended level! When you combine existing low humidity levels with the home heating season, it can result in a myriad of indoor problems! 

Because overly dry air absorbs essential moisture from your body as well as items in your home, it can cause health issues as well as damages to your home!

Signs that you’re experiencing a lack of moisture or humidity issues in your home include:
  • Health issues—many studies show that activity level of viruses increase as temperatures and humidity levels decrease. This means that low humidity levels in your home increase your chances of getting a virus. If you’re experiencing symptoms like dry skin, nosebleeds, and a sore throat, you’re likely suffering from low humidity. Asthma sufferers will also notice an increase in their usual symptoms. 
  • Damage to your home—when the air is too dry, your home’s wood flooring, furniture and even musical instruments are susceptible to warping, splitting and cracking. If you notice that your floors are making additional noise during the dry season, or you see visible cracks in your walls and ceilings, then you need to consider a boost in your humidity levels—stat! 
  • Static electricity—everyone hates static! It’s rampant in the winter, and if your home is low on moisture, it can cause dry skin, clothing cling and even an electrical charge through your hair. Electrical problems also make static electricity dangerous and unhealthy.

A Whole Home Humidifier Can Help! 

At F.H. Furr, our knowledgable and certified technicians are trained to handle your home’s humidity levels and they can install a whole home humidifier that works for you! 
Unlike portable humidifiers that you might use for one room, whole home humidifiers provide moisture throughout the entire home, creating a more comfortable, healthy and safe environment. 

More Comfort More Savings!

Savings are a bonus of a comfortable home. When your moisture levels are too low, your heating and cooling system will have to work twice as hard to create an ideal comfort level. Having a humidifier installed in your overly-dry home, will assist in lowering your energy bills simply by keeping your humidity levels on point.

3 Types of Whole Home Humidifiers

  • Bypass (GOOD): This humidifier utilizes the existing air handler to direct humidified air to every room in the home. This particular product is ideal for homes up to 4,000 square feet.
  • home humidifier installation loudoun virginiaPower (Better): This power humidifier has a quiet built-in fan that works independently of the furnace blower. It pulls heated air directly from the furnace of air handler blower to move air through a water panel.
  • Steam (Best): This humidifier generates steam that is produced and introduced directly into the duct work. This product is the most reliable and has the highest performance of any style humidifier and maximizes your humidification needs.
Call us today to have our BPI-Certified technicians come to your home and give you the advice and tools that you need to make your most educated decision. We customize our options for your unique home and needs, so contact us today and let us help you put moisture back into your home!