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ERV (Energy Recovery Ventilators)

loudon va erv installation

Breathe Fresher, Cleaner Air!

Do you love opening your windows to let in that fresh spring air that only lasts a week or two? If you want that same spring feeling throughout the year but know that opening your windows will let in the muggy heat, airborne pollen and other particles, fill it with cleaner, naturally ventilated air instead! 


What is an Energy Recovery Ventilator?

erv installation loudon vaSimple! ERV's draw air from outside while expelling odors, chemicals, and contaminants from your home. 

This helps bring that touch of spring inside, while eliminating stale air that hovers in the house--moving it oudoors. 

The air that is circulated inside the home is kept clean and fresh, and since you'll feel a difference in the air you're breathing, you won't have to constantly adjust your thermostat--saving you money each month!

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Cleaner Air Is A Benefit In Every Home 

Homeowners in Northern Virginia and Maryland strive to keep their homes energy efficient, but some of the methods that are used can actually trap stale air in your home. You should consider having a ventilator installed in your home if it includes any of the following:

    • Tight Construction
      Although it creates a barrier from the elements and protects your home from energy leaks, it can cause a buildup of moisture from pollutants inside, preventing fresh air from entering your home.
    • Attached Garages 
      Although everyone loves a big garage, they can hold contaminants like bacteria and odors from garbage and recycling bins. Fumes from cars and toxins from leaking containers can also seep into the air and find their way into your home. 
    • Spray Foam Insulation 
      These seals and strengthens the floors and walls of your home, helping to keep your heating and cooling inside. Unfortunately, it also means that indoor air is continuously circulating, which can make your home stale, stuffy and unhealthy to breathe. 

ERV's are ideal for humid climates and can remove nearly half of the moisture and heat from incoming air, keeping your indoor air quality cooler and dryer while saving you money! 

Have our NATE certified technicians into your home to perform your ERV installation! We guarantee cleaner air in no time! 

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