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The Quality Of The Air In Your Home Can Be 5x More Polluted Than The Worst Outdoor Air!

EnviroAire IAQ air cleaners and media have above average MERV ratings, making them more desirable for those seeking the an improved filtration experience in the home. 

MERV Rating Breakdown

MERV is an acronym for Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value. The MERV rates the overall efficiently and effectiveness of the filter that you use in your home.

Air filters have holes that allow air and particles to pass through them. The smaller the holes, the more contaminants that are filtered. Smaller holes = higher MERV value. EnviroAire IAQ Air Cleaner's high MERV ratings mean they have a high quality filtering system, allowing cleaner air to be pushed into your home in a more effective way.

1" Polarized Media Air Cleaner

1inch-filter-1The 1″ Polarized-Media Electronic Air Cleaner utilizes a combination of low static pressure and a polarized media pad to attract and capture toxic sub-micron contaminants and VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds), preventing them from entering your home’s air flow through the HVAC system.

EnviroAire IAQ’s Polarized-Media Air Cleaner is installed by a professional in your existing HVAC filter tracks. Unlike many other air filtration products, EnviroAire IAQ Filters don’t require any ductwork modifications, making installation quick, cost effective, and convenient.

Get your 1 inch enviroaire IAQ filter today! 

5" Media Air Cleanerenviroaire-media-air-cleaner-line2

Your EnviroAire IAQ 5” Media Air Cleaner is an investment in the health and comfort of your family and protection for your home and furnishings. This heavy-duty filter has more than 9 times the filtration of a 1" air cleaner. 

While the 5" air cleaner features a steel cabinet where the media filter is stored, it is versatile when it comes to installation, and is compatible with systems from the basement to the attic! While it's made to remove pollutants from the air in your home, it also protects your HVAC system, making it more efficient and extending its life. 

Get your 5 inch enviroaire IAQ filter today!