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Combat high heating bills this season and program your thermostat back 7-10 degrees when you're away from home!

Don't have a programmable thermostat? We've got you covered! Right now, get a heating inspection and a Nest Learning Thermostat installed for just $379!

Your heating inspection will help you beat back the cold and ensure that your home's HVAC system is ready to take on the freezing temperatures. Plus, when you take advantage of this deal you'll save money every month by programming your Nest Learning thermostat to fit your lifestyle and needs. 

Survival Tip HVAC Programmable Thermostat


With the Nest Learning thermostat features, you'll have more control and more comfort!

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Auto Schedule

Just turn it up and down. It learns the temperatures you like and programs itself.


It automatically adjusts the temperature after you leave. So you don’t heat or cool an empty home.

Remote Control

Change the temperature from anywhere using your smartphone, tablet or laptop.

Energy History

Know more, save more. Check your Energy History on your phone to see how much energy you use and why.

Hello, Leaf

Know you’re saving energy. Look for the Nest Leaf when you change the temperature.


Nest learns how your home warms up and keeps an eye on the weather to get you the temperature you want when you want it.

With the highest technology, installed by skilled technicians, you'll be winning the war against costly heating payments and inconsistent temperatures, while maintaining a higher level of comfort.

Looking for more heating tips? We've got the tools you need to survive the coldest winter in years!

1. Replace HVAC filter
Replacing your air filter can increase your home's efficiency by up to 15%! When your filters are cluttered with dust and debris, your HVAC system is forced to work harder, making the efficiency in your home suffer drastically. Changing your filters is simple, no need to call in a professional for this one! Check out this step by step guide! 

2. Insulate your space
Cool air can seep into your home from you attic, especially if it's insulation is outdated. Fortunately it's a simple fix. Getting new attic insulation blown into the area will eliminate the chill throughout your home, while increasing energy efficiency! 

3. Keep out the drafts
Part of winterizing your home is eliminating the drafts! Some simple tips are to insulate around your doors and windows with weatherstripping tape. You can also seal up your windows by covering them with a clear plastic wrap. 

4. Don't block vents
When it's cold out, be sure your vents aren't blocked so that heat can filter throughout your home. Daily clutter, and even furniture can block your heating system from fully warming your home. Keeping vents clear is a simple step toward winter warmth! 

5. Consider zoning 
When temperatures plummet, we spend most of our at-home time in the family room, crowded around the fireplace or TV. Your heating system might be warming up rooms no one occupies. Consider a zoning system; this will help to keep your chosen zones warm, while telling your heating system not to worry about the rooms you don't go in that often! 

The F.H. Furr Difference

At F.H. Furr, our knowledge, experience and professionalism allow us to serve our customers with excellence! Our customer's satisfaction is our #1 priority, which is why we provide continuous training for our plumbers and technicians, with background checks and drug tests. We ensure that our customers get the best service from reliable technicians who get the job done right-the first time! 

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