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Install & Replace

In the old days, deciding whether to replace or repair your old furnace or AC system used to be much easier, and doing regular maintenance and occasional repairs was cheaper than replacing your entire furnace or AC system. 

Nowadays however, improvements in the efficiency of home heating and air conditioning systems over the last few decades have been so dramatic that if you have a system over 20 years old- even if it’s in perfect working order—you could actually SAVE money by replacing it!

F.H. Furr has come up with a list of key factors that will help educate you and eliminate any uncertainty of whether you need to repair or replace:


Deciding To Repair Or Replace Your Equipment

hvac repair or replacement northern virginia

Do you find yourself frequently paying for repairs on an old system? If so it may be time to upgrade to a new, high-efficiency comfort system, that way you can start reaping the benefits now.

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Choosing The Right HVAC Contractor

hvac contractor manassas va area

Choosing the right contractor can mean the difference between having a horribly expensive experience you’ll never forget and an experience you can’t wait to share with friends and family.

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Home Comfort System (HVAC) Analysis

hvac analysis diagnosis maryland area

Our comfort consultants will come out and analyze your home's HVAC system and give you options that not only keep you as comfortable as possible, but also give you the best efficiency.

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HVAC Equipment Basics & Terminology

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When deciding on what your home's HVAC needs are, knowing the terminology and HVAC equipment basics are beneficial. That way you can properly communicate your needs & wants.

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Making The Right HVAC Decision For Your Home

how to choose the right hvac system manassas va

After your home's HVAC system is analyzed, you're given the options, it's time to make the right decision for your home comfort, efficiency, and budget. Do you repair or replace?

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New HVAC Installation Expectations

new hvac installation northern virginia

Our slogan of “Absolutely the Best” isn’t just some marketing gimmick. It’s the cornerstone of our business. And we take pride in our HVAC installation process. 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

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Don’t be penny-wise but pound-foolish. Repairing a component here and there may save you money in the short run, but in the long-term it could end up costing you more in service fees and higher energy bills.

New, high-efficiency systems and water heaters have the potential to save you as much as 60% on your energy bills. These new systems will literally pay for themselves in energy savings within a short period of time.


Choose F.H. Furr: The Preferred Northern Virginia/Maryland Plumbing, Electrical And HVAC Contractor!

New Call-to-action Family owned and operated, we have received many honors and recognitions over the years including our current "A" rating by the Better Business Bureau and being voted "Best of Prince William County" for HVAC in 2011.

That said, from the very beginning it has always been the relationship and reputation we have with our customers that matters most to us. We are honored to work for you and have you recognize us as “Absolutely the Best”. If, for whatever reason, you are not satisfied with our performance, you have our guarantee that we will do what it takes to make things right.

Experience The F.H. Furr Difference that guarantees you will receive “Absolutely the Best” Plumbing, Electrical, Heating, and Air Conditioning repair and replacement services in Northern Virginia, Maryland and the surrounding areas. Call 1-877-225-5387 for fast and reliable service today!