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Electrical Surges Happen, And When They Do, Will Your Expensive Electronics Be Protected?

If you don't know the answer, you might be at risk! Get a Whole Home Surge Protector installed, plus an Electrical Safety Inspection for just $149 and be protected from electrical power surges!

According to the Electrical Safety Foundation International, lightning causes the most powerful electrical surges, but you should also be protected against surges caused by large appliances, or air conditioners turning on and off. Surges can also originate from electrical utility companies during grid switching, meaning it's not only storms that you need to be aware of! From aging electrical infrastructures, to the tech-heavy population taking a toll on the electrical grid, homeowners everywhere are experiencing surges that can seriously damage their expensive electronics and pose fire hazards in the home. All of these things combined are a recipe for disaster! That's where a Whole Home Surge Protector comes in! 

Why Install A Whole Home Surge Protector?

A power surge is a sudden increase in voltage that can damage or destroy sensitive electronic equipment in your home. Common surge protectors that you plug into an outlet only protect the electronics that are plugged into the device itself. A Whole Home Surge Protector provides coverage for your home's entire electrical system, including outlets and light switches. Having one installed could save you thousands, while potentially qualifying you for discounts from your insurance company. It's a win-win for your electrical system! 

Contact us to take advantage of this offer of a Whole Home Surge Protector AND an Electrical Safety Inspection for just $149! Experience the perfect combination of home electrical safety today!

The F.H. Furr Difference

At F.H. Furr, our knowledge, experience, and professionalism allow us to serve our customers with excellence! Our customer's satisfaction is our #1 priority, which is why we provide continuous training for our plumbers and technicians, with background checks and drug tests. We ensure that our customers get the best service from reliable technicians who get the job done right-the first time! 

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