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Hot Room, Cold Room? What Everyone Ought To Know About Zoning

You know the feeling: you walk into your living room from the kitchen and feel the temperature drop, “But why,” you wonder, “can’t it be the same temperature in both rooms?” Seems like your A/C should be distributing warm or cool air evenly. Well, the harsh reality is that it doesn’t! So what can you do about the hot room/cold room dilemma? The solution is called Zoning. This little gem allows you to control the temperature room by room. Sound too good to be true? Here are some things that everyone should know about zoning and how it can keep your home comfortable on every level!

What Is Zoning?

It sounds great, but what in the world is it? Well, we’re glad you asked! A residential zoning system uses motorized dampers that are controlled by room thermostats installed in your house. These thermostats can selectively control the temperature of each room in your home. Think of it as a home with one main light switch for all the rooms, as opposed to one with light switches that can control the light in each individual room. A zoning system allows you to have personalized control over the temperature of each room or section of your house.

Features of Zoning and How It Works!

There are six features of Zoning that allow the system to run smoothly. The Solid-State Control panel allows you to control up to four zones in your home, which provides desired temperatures and consistent airflow. Discharge Air-Sensor Probes continually monitor the temperature in the air supply stream, which helps to prolong the life of the equipment. The Digital Thermostats are located in each room and precisely regulate heating and cooling temperatures. Vacation Mode allows you to set at Default mode Zone 1, which controls the temperature of your entire home while you’re away. Auto Changeover alternates between heating and cooling during transitional weather, and the Continuous Fan allows the air to blow evenly by zone, creating better indoor air quality. Don’t be scared off by all this technical jargon. All it means is that Zoning uses several steps to bring you the optimum home comfort with ease.

Does My Home Need Zoning?

Most homes have the problem of uneven airflow. One room may be the perfect temperature, whereas the other will feel chilly or overly warm. If you live in a multiple-level home with large open areas and sprawling layouts, you’re the perfect candidate for Zoning. If your home has a finished basement, you’ve probably experienced that cool change in temperature…and if you’ve got bedrooms downstairs, it’s a guarantee that part of your family is shivering all through the night in the coldest part of your home!

Zoning: A More Efficient Option

We all want to lower our bills, and if doing that happens to be more efficient, that’s like icing on the cake! The good news about Zoning is that it accomplishes this without much effort on your part. By personalizing the temperature in each room and programming the thermostats to auto levels while you’re not at home, you can save money on your bill each month. Instead of having the heat/cool air pumping 24/7, zoning allows you to substantially lower your utility bills AND increase the comfort level in your home! Who can say no to that?

F.H. Furr’s goal is to give you absolutely the best home comfort, and with Zoning, we can do that! Our home comfort experts will be happy to answer any questions that you may have and get you on the track to a more comfortable home today!

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